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The recent Annual General Meeting of the Lincolnshire Society of Architects (LSA) in July 2019 at Lincoln’s Urban Room, saw the election of a new President, Jonathan Thorns of BE Design. Here he gives his thoughts on objectives for the branch during his term in office.

"I feel it is only fitting that my first words as President of the LSA is to congratulate Barbara Griffin, the previous President of the LSA - who has been elected as the new RIBA East Midlands Regional Chair, replacing Sam Culling."

"Having been involved with the LSA for several years I am consistently overwhelmed by the dedication of its members. Building on this commitment, my first act as President will be to establish a branch committee. Should anyone wish to be involved please do not hesitate to get in touch!" 

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Jonathan Thorns

LSA Branch President



Social and Society

  1. Establish a branch committee.

  2. Member Engagement: what are the thoughts, needs, and desires of our Architects? The aim is to establish a LSA Core Principals model that can be used to promote the branch within the wider context of the industry.

  3. Deliver a fixed programme of events and social calendar. Current proposal is to meet bi-monthly with the LSA committee meeting every month.

  4. Build on the current exposure of the LSA by taking the branch on the road, visiting the wider Lincolnshire region. This will include building visits and educational workshops.

  5. As the LSA has achieved its objective of creating an Urban Room, our aim is to develop the use and function of this facility.

  6. Introduce new social events, such as a pub quiz, annual dinner, and a secret supper.

  7. Generate opportunities to collaborate with other regional branches, including Archi-fest… certainly a work in progress but watch this space.


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Barbara Griffin along with the Students Architecture Society, local architects, and the RIBA, the LSA has maintained and developed strong links with the University of Lincoln. 

  1. We will continue to maintain and build upon these links, with the help of University of Lincoln’s Director of Professional Practice Peter Baldwin, who will also be Vice President of the LSA.

  2. Continue to engage and promote the RIBA Mentoring Scheme.

  3. Continue to support the RIBA East Midland’s Education Group.

  4. Re-introduce the Mock Interview programme with the University of Lincoln along with CV & Portfolio workshops with local Architects.

  5. Introduction of LSA awards for Part 1 and Part 2.


  1. Engaging with the local community and schools is something I am particularly passionate about, our aim will be to promote the built environment through workshops, competitions, and toolbox talks.

  2. Push the promotion of our role and values of being an Architect.

  3. Introduction of a ‘Beat the Architect’ Lego competition.

  4. Promote the RIBA National Schools Programme.

Profession and the role of the LSA

  1. Build on the links established with Lincolnshire County Council and City of Lincoln Council to potentially generate more opportunities for our members.

  2. Support the introduction of a Lincolnshire Design Review Panel to include LSA member representation.

  3. Build on the existing relationships with allied disciplines.

  4. Maintain the strong links developed with the RIBA, to continue to have our voices heard.

  5. Push for regular toolbox talks and CPD events.

  6. The LSA will actively support the RIBA’s declaration of an environmental and climate emergency.

  7. Promote the regional Women in Architecture Group initiative.



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